Tealium Collect Library for iOS

Tealium Collect is a library that leverages the power AudienceStream natively in iOS enabling you to track actions such as screen views, button presses, etc... Use this documentation to explore the capabilities of Tealium Collect and view code examples for impementing the library. Download the iOS code library from Github and reference the API documentation as needed.

Getting Started

The easist way to get started to walking through the steps outlined in the Getting Started guide as well as the many other articles in the documentation.

  • Getting Started A quick start guide covering all of the basics, including cloning a library, adding code to a project, linking frameworks, adding linker flags, and importing headers.
  • Trackable Actions View code examples on how to track screen views and events such as buttion taps.
  • Data Sources Discover what data is generated by the Tealium Collect Library by Tealium AudienceStream.
  • Library Features Learn more about features including remote configuration, trace, Verification, and Visitor Profile.

Getting Help

  • If you have code questions or have experienced errors please post an issue on the issues page on Github.
  • If you have general questions or want to network with other users please visit the Tealium Learning Community.
  • If you have account specific questions please contact your Tealium account manager.